Shot at Sommaroy outside Tromso, Norway.

The area around the city of Tromsø has a lot to offer, scenic fishing villages on the outer coast, untouched wilderness in the innland and spectacular fjord views. Check out some of our favorite destinations just a short drive from the city below…




Sommarøy is a vibrant coastal community, located about an hour’s drive from Tromsø through the county Troms’ scenic fjord and coastal landscape.  The community and its 261 inhabitants (2012), is one of the busiest fishing villages in the area and has kept its ancient fishing traditions alive.

The island is well-known for its stunning white coral beaches and beautiful panorama views. Its crystal-clear water and white sand beaches have caught the attention of many local and foreign admirers. Sommarøy is not only rich in fish, it generally enjoys a rich marine life, including various species of birds, among which the majestic sea eagles are certainly the most impressive. During the winter month (November to January), whales come to the island and are resting close to land here. It takes only a short trip by boat to get close to these ocean giants.

North of Sommarøy you can spot many smaller islands scattered in the sea; most of them uninhabited. Håja is the highest of these and rises 486 meters out of the ocean. The island is said to have been source of inspiration for the shape and design of Tromsø’s Arctic Cathedral, Ishavskatedralen.

Winter Adventures

  • Whale watching and Marine mammal safaris
  • Guided Northern Lights Tours
  • Dogsledding

Summer Adventures

  • Sea Eagle Safari and sea fishing trips (groups only)
  • Kayaking
  • Sail yaking and stand up paddle
  • Mountain hiking

Autumn Adventures

  • Mountain Hiking & Guided walks
  • Guided Northern Lights Tours

Short breaks based on Sommarøy:

Huskies, Whales and the Aurora on Sommarøy (4 days)

Autumn on Sommarøy: Northern Lights and Coast Adventure (5 days)

Arctic Wildlife and Midnight Sun Paddling (5 days)






Sommarøy Arctic Hotel (2)


Hot tub


Winter light Sommarøy

Tradisjon og hotellet





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Malangen fjord runs southeast between the islands of Senja and Kvaløya and further into the mainland. About a one and a half hour’s scenic drive away from Tromsø following the fjord inland you can find Malangen Brygger. The hotel is a modern, luxurious, design hotel; simply a great place to relax after a day filled with activities and adventure. Malangen Brygger boasts spectacular fjord views, which can be enjoyed from the spacious hotel terrace, or from the hotels outdoor hot tub and panorama sauna.

During the summer month, Malangen is a popular destination for local and foreign fishing tourists. The fjord enjoys a rich diversity of fish species (cod, halibut, coalfish and wolf fish for example) and it is possible to rent your own fishing boat and equipment at the hotel.

During winter, the area enjoys perfect conditions for spotting the Northern Lights. The hotel has its own Northern Lights camp far removed from all disturbing city lights, camp Nikka, where guests can warm themselves by the open fireplace and enjoy some hot drinks, while waiting for the Aurora to unfold its magic.

 Winter Adventures:

  • Dogsledding
  • Snow Scooter Safaris
  • Northern Lights Tours at Camp Nikka
  • Snowshoeing

Summer Adventures:

  • Fishing boat and equipment rental

Short breaks based in Malangen:

Northern Lights Adventure in Malangen (5 days) 

Huskies and Hiking at Malangen Fjord (5 days)


Northern Lights Watch



Northern Lights at Malangen Fjord

fire malangen

Northern Lights watch


Camp Nikka



Fjord view


Hotel rooms

Camp Nikka


Camp Tamok:

Tamok valley is situated in Norwegian Lapland, in proximity to the Lyngenalps, about an hour’s drive from Tromsø. Thousand meter high mountains fall vertically into the deep fjords in this area, marking the border to where the enormous Lapland tundra begins. A dramatic landscape unlike any other in Europe!

The camp lies inside scenic Tamok valley. Surrounded by high mountains and far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can experience the true Arctic wilderness here. Its dry inland climate results in many days with clear skies. Probabilities of seeing the Northern Lights here are therefore among the best of the area.

Camp Tamok is a base for many adventures. You can try dogsledding, drive a snow scooter or get some insights into Sami culture, while reindeer sledding in the wilderness surrounding the camp. A once in a live time experience!

Winter Adventures:

  • Snow Scooter Safari
  • Reindeer Sledding
  • Dogsledding
  • Northern Lights Tours
  • Overnight stays in the wilderness camp

Short breaks based at Camp Tamok

Explore the Arctic Wilderness: Husky and Snowmobile Adventure (4 days) 

Highlights of the North (5 days)












Dog sledding is fun



Norway’s second largest island is often described as a “miniature Norway” as it offers its visitors a splendid and diverse landscape that reflects all parts of the country. Sandy beaches, sharp mountain peaks and tender valleys are part of nature’s spectacle when visiting this unique location. Many describe the island as a highlight in the north, enchanting locals and visitors alike with its natural beauty. Senja is about a 3 hours’ drive from the Arctic Capital Tromsø and can also be reached by ferry boat and Coastal Steamer, Hurtigruten.

Winter Adventures

  • Wildlife safaris and whale watching by boat
  • Snowshoeing
  • Northern Lights Tours

Summer Adventures

  • Mountain walks and hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Biking

Short breaks based on Senja

Northern Lights and Polar Nights in Tromsø and Senja (5 days)

5 days: Northern Norway – off the beaten track

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