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What is the weather like in the winter? Does it get very cold?

Tromsø has a subarctic climate and temperatures seldomly drop below -10°C. The city and its surroundings have a reputation of being one of Norway’s most snow rich areas. The actual amount varies from year to year though. 240 centimetres of snow on the ground is the highest amount of snow that ever has been recorded 29 April 1997 by the meteorological station on top of Tromsøya.


How many days in advance can i cancel my trip free of charge?

Please check our terms and conditions!

Do I need any previous skills to participate in the adventures?

No previous skills are needed. Anyone can participate. You only need normal physical fitness. We easily adapt the adventures to suit people of all ages, including families with children. Our professional English speaking guides will go through safety instructions with you and explain everything that you need to know when taking part in our activities.


What clothes do I need to bring on the trip?

The weather up here shifts very quickly both during winter and summer. Be prepared for all eventualities! Norwegians often wear several layers that can be taken off and on according to what the weather and temperature is like when they are out in nature. In winter it can be a good idea to wear long woolen underwear under your hiking shirt and pants to keep you comfortably warm. An absolute must are proper hiking boots, both in summer and winter time.

Northern Lights

Can you see the Northern Lights during summer?

It is not possible to see the Northern Lights during summertime, due to the midnight sun. The phenomenon occurs, just like in winter, but remains invisible due to the fact that it does not get dark during these month.

Which month are best to see the Northern Lights?

It is possible to see the Northern Lights from off Mid- September up until March or even April. The best conditions usually occur from November to end of March, once the winter has settled. As weather conditions are rather unpredictable and change quickly, it is impossible to predict which month is best. It is always good to stay in the area for a little longer to increase your chances of experiencing a clear day with good conditions. In order to get the most out of the experience, you should find a spot with little artificial lights outside the city.

Is it guaranteed that I will see the Northern Lights, if I book a Northern Lights trip?

There is no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights due to the unpredictable weather conditions. Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis, as it is positioned straight in the middle of the Aurora Borealis zone. Chances of seeing the Northern Lights unfold their magic on days with clear skies are therefore high.

Midnight Sun

Which month are best to see the Midnight sun?

The midnight sun occurs from approximately May 18th to July 26th. It is an unforgettable experience to be out on a boat trip or on top of a mountain, while Tromsø is bathing in the beautiful red light created by the midnight sun. In order to get the best out of the experience you should pick a day with clear skies and good conditions.


Is it possible to see whales all year round?

Various different species of whales rest close to the coast of Sommarøy from approximately November to January. It is only possible to see them during these month. During other times of the year you can see sea eagles, seals an porpoises among many other marine animals.


How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

The airport is about a 15 minutes drive away from the city. You can take a taxi or use the shuttle bus that leaves regularly. For more information click here.


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