Autumn Adventures

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The Sound of Silence – Wilderness glamping, Aurora hunting and beautiful Sommarøy

This 4-day adventure is perfect for those who want to peacefully admire the Northern Lights off the beaten track. Enjoy wild mountain landscapes as you go glamping in the Arctic wilderness, and visit the beautiful and remote island Sommarøy, where the Arctic Ocean provides a spectacular back drop to take in the magical dance of […]

Autumn on Sommarøy: Northern Lights and Coast Adventures (5 days)

Explore magical Sommarøy in autumn and get to know Tromsø, Norway’s Arctic capital. The island of Sommarøy is famous for its white sandy beaches and is simply a great spot for Northern Lights hunting. Go for a hike in the beautiful autumn landscape, admire the magical dance of the Aurora at night and explore the […]

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Arctic Autumn Delights: Aurora Hunting and Husky Hiking (4 days)

Autumn is simply special in the Arctic with its colorful fjord and mountain landscape and intense Aurora displays at night. Experience some of Tromsø’s autumn highlights on this 4-day adventure: spend the night out sleeping in a Crystal Lavvo and take in the beautiful autumn colors from both land and the sea on a husky […]

Colourful Arctic Autumn – Self-drive adventure

Experience Tromsø, the lively capital of the Arctic, and explore traditional fishing culture on the island of Sommarøy with its beautiful white sandy beaches and emerald green sea. The scenic road on the spectacular coast of Northern Norway’s hidden gem Senja offers fantastic photo opportunities. Watching the Aurora over the colourful fjord landscape in the […]

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