Dogsledding, Reindeer Safari and the Northern Lights (2 days)

Dog sledding is fun

Experience the real Arctic wilderness from a dogsled with great chances of spotting the Northern Lights. Stay overnight either in a wilderness timber cabin or wooden lavvu (Sami tent),  and enjoy a daytrip reindeer safari the next morning. All at Camp Tamok!

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Camp Tamok is situated in the Tamok Valley, a 75 minutes drive from Tromsø. During your evening, you will experience the Valley of Tamok with high chances of seeing the Northern Lights in this uninhabited area with no artificial light as your dogs pull you through the wilderness. After a traditional hot meal and overnight stay either in a wilderness timber cabin or wooden lavvu (Sami tent), depending on availability. You will go on a reindeer safari before returning to Tromsø in the afternoon.

Camp Tamok offers a taste of the genuine wilderness!

Sami tent:

Spending the night “outdoors” like this in winter time is an Arctic experience in itself. You will sleep in our winter sleeping bags, on top of several reindeer skins. Please note that you will be sharing the lavvu with other visitors, but you will have your own sleeping berth.

Timber Cabin:

With our 2 days & 1 night program, you can spend the night in the timber cabin at our wilderness camp after the evening adventure. The cabin has four bedrooms and two lofts, sleeping up to 14 guests. Staying in the cabin can therefore be very social, as you can expect to meet and get to know other guests from all parts of the world


Warm woolen underwear and socks are recommended for this excursion.
Fleece-wear is useful as a second layer. Warm outer clothes and boots will be provided.
Bring sunglasses and sunscreen (from February to April).
Camp Tamok is a wilderness camp and has no running water (hot or cold) or flushing toilets. There is a sauna in the camp.
For your safety excursions might be shorter than described in situations of very low temperatures or bad weather. Due to very low temperatures or very bad weather conditions your outdoor tours can be shortened. This is for your own safety.
Vegetarian food is available if ordered in advance.


Dog sledding activity
Reindeer safari
Traditional hot meal/breakfast
Warm clothing.


Day 1:

  • Transport to Camp Tamok.
  • Dogsledding in the evening and a traditional hot meal in Camp Tamok.
  • Overnight stay in Camp Tamok either in a wilderness timber cabin or wooden lavvu (Sami tent), depending on availability.

Day 2:

  • Breakfast in the Camp.
  • Reindeer safari in the morning.
  • Lunch at Camp Tamok.
  • Transfer to Tromsø in the afternoon.


The age limit for leading your own team of dogs is 16.

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Dog sledding is fun

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