Terms and conditions

Tromsø Adventure

Tromsø Adventure is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund, which is organized as a private foundation. Its objective is to administer the travel guarantee requirements in Directive 90/314/EEC as implemented in the Package Tours Act. Pursuant to the Package Tours Act, all organizers of package travels must provide security covering their obligation to refund monies paid and for the repatriation of the consumer in the event of the organizor`s insolvency. The security is normally given in the form of a bank guarantee, but the Fund may accept other adequate security.


According to the Norwegian Package Act a guarantee is required for “package travels” or travel arrangements essentially similar to a package travel.

  • The Fund will cover all valid claims from customers to cover the claims.
  • Cancellations must be received by surface mail or e-mail at the earliest possible time.
  • Cancellation will allow for a refund according to the table below:
  • More than 30 days before arrival: 90% refund
  • 29 – 5 days before arrival: 10% refund
  • Less than 5 days before arrival: no refund

Tour operator liability Tromsø Adventure is a licensed tour operator. All tours will depart from City of Tromsø, and the tour operator will not be held responsible for problems concerning transport to and from Tromsø or for accommodation outside the booked tour. Tromsø Adventure will not be held responsible for any delays, any damage or additional costs outside the pre-booked arrangement. If a tour (i.e. Marine Mammal Safari) is cancelled due to weather conditions, technical problems or low number of participants, a new tour is offered next day. In case of cancellation also next day, all payments from participants are returned to the customer’s account immediately.

In case of complaints, the customer must inform Tromsø Adventure immediately or latest at the end of the tour. If no agreement is reached, and the customer still wishes to file a formal complaint, this must be done in writing and must be sent to Tromsø Adventure immediately after his/hers return from Tromsø or at the latest 1-one month after completion of the tour. Any legal action against the tour operator will be according to Norwegian laws.

Tromsø Adventure reserves the right to refuse participation on a tour if any member of the party is considered to be a safety hazard to him/her or others. The participants at snowmobile safaris is required to present a valid driver’s license for automobile/motorbike or snowmobile, and all party member are required to have a valid travel insurance. The Norwegian laws and regulations for motorized vehicles apply, and when driving a snowmobile, special attention is put to driver safety, animal life and speed limits. Use of intoxicating substances when driving is strictly prohibited.



Force Majeure

Tromsø Adventure reserves the right to delay or cancel any departure due to force majeure or conditions outside our control. The tour operator responsibility for refunds will in such cases never exceed the total cost of the booked tour. The tour operator may have to deduct part of the refund to cover expenses to extern operators.