City of Tromsø

At a latitude of 70 degrees north, Tromsø is often referred to as the capital of the Arctic, being the largest city above the Arctic Circle. The city enjoys a scenic location surrounded by majestic mountains, fjords and a stunning archipelago. Combining the comfort of a lively, charming and cultural city with this natural setting, Tromsø makes for a great base for any winter or summer adventure.

Northern Lights

Tromsø is renowned for being one of the best places on the planet from where to observe the amazing phenomenon that is the Aurora Borealis, as it is situated right in the center of the Northern Lights zone. Most of the Northern Lights outbursts visible from Tromsø are green, but larger outbursts can also include other colors.

In order to see the Northern Lights, it must be dark and clear – the reason that we never see the Northern Lights between May and August. The greatest frequency is between 6pm and 2am. Some visitors prefer to see the performance from a mountaintop shielded from the city’s lights, while others are just as impressed right in the city center.

The Weather

Despite of being so far north, Tromsø actually enjoys a moderate insular climate. Summer weather can be anything from five degrees Celsius and rain to 28 degrees and fantastic swimming conditions for the undaunted. Winter in Tromsø is also not especially cold. The lowest temperature recorded in Tromsø is minus 18 degrees Celsius, but the average temperature in January is -4. However, do expect a lot of snow!

The Midnight Sun is visible from around May 21 to around July 21. Between November 21 and January 21, the sun disappears under the horizon and we experience what is known as “the Polar Night”. Despite the absence of sunlight, it is not completely dark during the day, however, and the light and color in the sky can be truly amazing when the weather is favorable.

Tromsø’s most popular sights

  • The Arctic cathedral: Designed by the architect Jan Inge Hovig and build in 1965, the Arctic cathedral has become one of city’s most striking landmarks.
  • “Fjellheisen”: Take the cable car up to Mount Storsteinen and enjoy a fantastic panorama view of Tromsø and its surroundings. “Fjellheisen” is popular with both midnight sun and northern lights watchers.
  • Polaria: This arctic experience center features a knowledge-based exhibition with particular emphasis on displays for children. Highlights are the seal aquarium and a panoramic cinema, showing films about Svalbard and the Northern Lights.
  • Art museums: Tromsø boasts a rich cultural life and is home to several excellent art museums. The most popular ones include Nordnorsk kunstmuseum (modern and contemporary northern Norwegian art), Perspektivet (photography museum) and Tromsø Kunstforening (varying exhibitions).
  • Mack Brewery: The Worlds northernmost brewery offers guided tours, highlighting their 130 years of beer brewing history.
  • Polar museum: This excellent museum is dedicated to polar history and exploration in the Arctic and the Antarctica. For many centuries, Tromsø has been the most common gateway to the Arctic. The museum is situated in a former Customs House build in 1830
  • Arctic-Alpine botanical garden: The world’s northernmost botanical garden hosts Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine plants from all continents.

Winter Adventures:

  • Reindeer sledding and Sami experiences
  • Dogsledding
  • Northern Lights Chases and Cruises
  • Snowshoe walking and Skiing
  • Snowmobiling

Summer Adventures

  • Helicopter Sightseeing
  • Fjord and Midnight sun cruises
  • RIB boat safaris
  • Biking and hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Visit Husky farm and puppy training









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